From Apples to Cider - Follow Our Cider Making Process!


The freshest Michigan apples are delivered to Franklin Cider Mill each week in bins from all over the state.  Then, our HiLo carries one bin at a time to the apple hopper.  From the hopper, the apples are directed onto the conveyor belt where they are washed and sanitized to ensure they are clean and and free of any bacteria.  All machinery used in the cider process is stainless steel leading to maximum cleanliness and safe processing.

Franklin Cider Mill has a variety of different types of apples that we use in our cider.  These blends support our secret cider recipe. In late September we begin to offer our special honey crisp cider.

Additional Cider Making Facts!

  • Three bins of apples with approximately 20 bushels in each bin are used to make one cider pressing.  
  • Each bushel has about 90 apples. Hence, a total of 5,400 apples are used for each pressing.  
  • It take about 3-6 medium sized pressed apples to make an 8 oz cup of cider.

After being washed, the apples are fed into the chopper. The chopped apples drop down into the Press Room through a chute onto a nylon cloth. 


The Press Room Team spreads out the chopped apples on the nylon cloth.  When each cloth is full with chopped apples, the edges of the cloth are folded over to hold the apples in place. Boards are placed over the folded nylon cloth.  A stainless steel form is pulled down and another nylon cloth is put into place for the next apple drop. The process continues until there are 7 layers of chopped apples on the press. When all 7 layers are completed, the cider press squeezes the layers....and the pure apple juice begins to flow!


As the cider flows from the press, it is stored in refrigerated holding tanks on the second floor until the cider is ready for bottling.

We continue to use the same bottling process that was created for the original mill in 1932! 

At Franklin Cider Mill we bottle cider in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints.  For children (and adults) we also bottle cider into red apples and into orange pumpkins for Halloween.  

You don't want to miss our INCREDIBLE cider slushy!

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