Welcome to the Franklin Cider Mill

A Family Tradition

The Franklin Cider Mill is a one-of-a-kind living piece of history. We take pride in our family-friendly atmosphere and strive to provide exceptional service.

  1. We press and bottle our own cider right here at the Mill! Each side of the press can hold up to sixty bushels of apples.
  2. The average yield is approximately three gallons of cider per bushel of apples.
  3. Our cider season opens Labor day weekend and usually remains open until the first weekend after Thanksgiving.
  4. The apples are all sorted and washed before going into the grinder. We insist on good clean fruit!
  5. Usually between eight to twelve hundred bushels of apples are sorted on the second floor of the Mill. There the sorting and feeding of the apples into the grinder is done and due to the very limited space there, it is impossible for us to have this operation open to the public. Sorry!
  6. The donuts sold here are made by an old German recipe brought to this country many years ago.
  7. Our cider is NOT filtered, NOT pasteurized, and does NOT contain any form of preservative. It is a pure fruit juice and MUST be kept refrigerated
  8. Labels and business names similar to ours are now being used by others and are undoubtedly confusing to our customers. Please remember that there is only one outlet for our products, which is . . . THE FRANKLIN CIDER MILL!