Cider & Donuts


Come early on most mornings as we press the apples that make our unique cider!  Since 1918, our cider has been made in the same pressroom, in the same way, that our cider has always been pressed.  Using an array of Michigan apples throughout the season has led to the rich, deep, and complex flavor of our cider.

Each pressing includes three bins of apples.  Each bin contains about 20 bushels of apples.  There are about 70 apples in a bushel.  Doing the math, each pressing contains about 4,200 apples!  That amounts to about 170 gallons of cider!

Nothing is added to our apple cider.  Franklin Cider Mill does not pasteurize its cider nor do we add anything else to our cider.  It is just pure cider!

Once pressed, the cider (juice from the apples) is stored in tanks on the 2nd floor of the mill.  The tanks keep the cider very cold until it is time to bottle the cider.  You can view the bottling of the cider across from the pressroom.  There, bottlers fill gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, and apples / pumpkins that will go into our coolers…ready for our continuous flow of visitors. 


At Franklin Cider Mill we make only one type of donut.  Our unique cider donut is made from an old German cinnamon spice recipe.  Crispy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside, we have been serving the same donuts for over 100+ years.  By making donuts only on-demand, they are always warm and fresh! 

Over the years, we’ve heard that just the memory of the smell of our cider donuts will leave you craving these delicious treats when summer is ending and the leaves begin to turn.  Buy one for yourself with a cup of cider or a whole dozen for your family or office.

DonutsTo watch our cider donuts being made, just take a walk to behind the mill in our Community Spot by the river and water wheel.  Turn around and you will see the windows of the Donut Shop. Peer through the windows for a great view of how our unique donuts are made….the same way they’ve been made for over 100 years!

Gluten free donuts and vegan scones can be found in our Grandma’s Tent.