Cider & Donuts

At Franklin Cider Mill we make only one type of donut.  Our unique cider donut is made from an old German spice recipe.  We have been serving the same donuts for over 80+ years.  Making our donuts only on-demand, they are always fresh and always warm! 

Over the years, we’ve heard that just the memory of the smell of our cider donuts will leave you craving these delicious treats when summer is ending and the leaves begin to turn.  Buy one for yourself with a cup of cider or a whole dozen for your family or office.

DonutsTo watch our cider donuts being made, just take a walk to the gathering area by the river and water wheel.  Turn around and you will see the windows of the Donut Shop. Peer through the windows for a great view of how our unique donuts are made….the same way they’ve been made for over 90 years!