Mid Season Apples

Golden Supreme Golden Supreme
Available Late September
Golden supreme is a seedling of the Golden Delicious apple. However it is a little firmer, has smoother skin and is more flavorful than its parent. A true representative of the new wave of gourmet apples, it is scoring very high in taste tests.
Honey Crisp Honey Crisp
Available Late September
One of the best eating apples ever developed. Honey crisp is becoming so popular that supply can’t keep up with demand. It has a crisp, firm texture and lots of juice. The flavor has a slight tartness combined with a sweet taste reminiscent of honey. Developed by the University of Minnesota and best suited to cool climates like ours in northern Michigan.
Macoun Macoun
Available Late September
Macoun has white, richly flavored and aromatic flesh. One of the best mid-season apples. This variety is another McIntosh offspring, and many consider it to be the best McIntosh type.
Spartan Spartan
Available Late September
Spartan is an aromatic and juicy cross between the McIntosh and Newton Pippin. It’s firmer and keeps better than its parents, and it’s beautiful dark red dessert apple.
Cortland Cortland
Available Mid-October
Large, high-quality apple favored for cooking, cider and eating. This attractive apple is a deep, solid red with stripes and green dots. The flesh is remarkably white and very slow to brown, making it ideal for salads.
Cameo Cameo
Available Mid-October
Cameo, originally introduced as “Carousel”, originated as a chance seedling in Washington state. It may be an offspring of either Red or Golden Delicious, since it was discovered growing near a group of those two varieties. It is an excellent keeper, and the flavor seems to improve in storage. This moderately large apple is crisp and tangy.
Golden Delicious Golden Delicious
Available Mid-October
A very sweet apple, it is one of the best eating varieties, and a favorite of many for cooking and baking. Golden Delicious originated as a chance seedling, perhaps of Grimes Golden near Bomont, West Virginia in the 1890’s.
Ida Red Ida Red
Available September 1st
Ida Red is a durable workhorse variety, hard and tart, and well adapted to extended storage. It is traditionally an all-purpose apple. Ida is a cross between Wagener and Jonathan. Its crisp, very firm, and its white flesh is tangy and juicy.

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