Late Season Apples

Northern Spy Northern Spy
Available in October
Spy is a 200 year old variety from New York state. It is one of the all-time favorite baking and cooking apples. It holds it shape and flavor well in the oven. Although it is a little tart, many people like it for eating. too. It will never be a beauty contest winner, but don’t let the irregular shape and mottled coloration put you off.
Red Delicious Red Delicious
Available in October
The most popular American apple of all time, Red Delicious is known for its sweet flavor and good looks. For years it was bred for good looks rather than optimum taste, but now better-tasting strains are being grown. It is primarily a eating apple and does not excel in the kitchen
Rome Rome
Available in October
Named for Rome, Ohio, where it was discovered, Rome is primarily a baking and cooking apple. It has its fans as a eating apple. It is mild in flavor.
Fuji Fuji
Available in October
One of the newer gourmet eating apples, Fuji is sweet and crisp. It keeps better than any other sweet apple.
Mutsu Mutsu
Available in October
Last to ripen, Mutsu, also known as Crispin, is a wonderful eating apple gaining in popularity every year. It has the perfect blend of tart and sweet with lots of juice and snap. Greenish apples with a warm blush are ripe and ready to eat.

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